PyCharm Odoo 2022.1

Hello world!

I am Trinh Anh Ngoc, the author of the PyCharm plugin for Odoo. Last year I started selling my plugin on JetBrains Marketplace. Thanks to your support, I have been able to spend more time on the plugin development. This blog is made so I can share with you the new features of the plugin, tips, thereby helping you to use the plugin more efficiently.

The first new version in 2022 of the plugin has just been released. In this blog post I will introduce you to some of the new features included in this version, hope you enjoy it.

SQL embedded in Python string

For those who are using PyCharm Professional, if you previously had to configure SQL Resolution Scopes to use code assistance for SQL embedded in Python string, it's not required anymore. The Odoo plugin will provide code completion and navigation for tables and columns based on models and fields declared in project. In addition, the Odoo plugin also automatically recognizes SQL in _sql_constraints and cr.execute() without any action.



Search domain operator completion

The Odoo plugin now provides code completion for search domain operator.

Search domain operator

You can see full changelog at

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