PyCharm Odoo 2022.2

Hello world!

It's been a month since my last blog post, and I'm here again to announce a new version of the PyCharm plugin for Odoo with lots of useful features.

New icons for code completion

In previous versions, I reused the existing Intellij Platform icons for all kinds of code completion in the Odoo plugin. In this release, I designed the new icons with colors derived from Odoo branding colors to give the code completion a new look and feel. Code completion types that have new icons in this release are: model name, field name, XML ID, context, selection, widget.

Model completion:

Model completion

Field completion:

Field completion

Selection completion:

Selection completion

Context completion:

Context completion

XML ID completion:

XML ID completion

Widget completion:

Widget completion

Code completion for selection ondelete

In Odoo 14, selection field has the new ondelete attribute that provides a fallback mechanism for any overridden field with a selection_add (documentation).

Selection ondelete completion

Code completion for http.route args

This release implemented code completion for http.route() keyword arguments and its values as well.

Http route argument completion

Http route auth completion

Http route type completion

Http route method completion

Code completion for view attributes

View attributes (required, invisible, readonly) now get code completion support.

View attribute completion in Python

View attribute completion in XML

Code completion for sort order

Sort order types (ASC, DESC) now also get code completion support.

Sort order completion

Search order completion

Besides the above features, this release also has many bug fixes and other improvements to make PyCharm the best IDE for Odoo.

You can see the full change notes at

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