PyCharm Odoo 2022.3

Hello world!

So much has happened to me in the past two months. Anyway, thank you all for your continued support. I hope you all enjoy this new version.

Manifest field completion

The Odoo plugin now provides completion for not only common manfiest fields, but also custom manifest fields found in other manifests in the project.

Manifest field completion

Module category completion

The Odoo plugin now also provides completion for module category in manifest.

Module category completion

Asset bundle operation completion

The Odoo plugin already supports asset bundle completion. And now, the plugin also supports  completion for asset bundle operation.

Config parameter completion

We now get code completion and navigation for config parameter in method "get_param()".

Config parameter completion

Go to symbol... for sql constraints

Now we can search for the definition of a sql constraint by its name. This is useful when we need to debug sql constraint violation found in logs.

Go to sql constraints

Go to symbol... for http routes

Also we can now search for the definition of a http route. For more accurate results, try using "controller" prefix in search pattern.

Go to http routes

Besides the above features, this release also has many bug fixes and other improvements to make PyCharm the best IDE for Odoo.

You can see the full change notes at

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