PyCharm Odoo 2022.5

Hello world!

I am here again to highlight some of the new features in the new version. Thank you all for your support. Whether it's financial support by purchasing my plugin, or reporting issues to me, or simply a thank you, it means a lot to me. That's what motivates me to keep developing excellent IDE extensions for the Odoo developer community.

Support Flectra

Flectra is a fork of Odoo Community. Since the Flectra framework is exactly the same as the Odoo framework, it's not hard to make the plugin support Flectra. I heard about the copyright infringement in the past between Odoo and Flectra. I hope there are no more issues related to copyright infringement now. And of course this support does not mean that I am aiding or abetting for any copyright infringement.

Support QWeb mail template

Odoo switched from Jinja to QWeb for mail templates since Odoo 15. The plugin now provides basic code completion for QWeb mail template. More improvements to QWeb will come in the next versions of the plugin.

QWeb mail template completion

Improved XML validation & completion

In this version, I revisited XML validation and completion features. Some issues were fixed, some improvements were also made. Behind the scenes, the plugin uses rng files in the Odoo source code for tag and attribute name validation and completion:

  • import_xml.rng: contains schema for record definition elements such as "record", "field",...
  • *_view.rng: a collection of schemas for views. Not all view types have their own rng schema files. Currently, the plugin supports validation and completion for tags and attributes in the following view types: form, tree, search, pivot, graph, calendar, activity (views having their own rng files). Inheritance specs are also taken into account for these features.

Besides the above features, this version also has many bug fixes and other improvements.

You can see the full change notes at

For those who are looking for a Visual Studio Code extension with similar features, I am working hard on some possible solutions to develop it. I will blog about it as soon as I have a working prototype.

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