pydevd-odoo 1.2

Hello world!

I just released a new version of the Odoo plugin pydevd-odoo for PyDev.Debugger. For those who don't know, PyDev.Debugger is the Python debugger used in PyCharm, VSCode, PyDev and pydevd-odoo is a plugin to help the debugger works better with the Odoo framework.

Improvements in this release include:

  • Support Flectra. Flectra is an ERP platform forked from Odoo. Because the Flectra framework is exactly the same as the Odoo framework, it's quite easy to make the plugin support Flectra.
  • Take _rec_name into account when computing record names. In the previous versions, the plugin always use value from field name for displaying a record name. This is true in most cases but false in others like mail.message,...

You can install the new version with the following command:

pip install --upgrade pydevd-odoo

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