VSCode Odoo 0.3

Hello world!

Version 0.3 of the VSCode extension for Odoo has been released. This version brings some exciting features that I think you all will love.

Understand Odoo's model inheritance mechanisms

This is the most important feature in my opinion. Let's start with the following legendary image: 

Odoo's model inheritance mechanisms

I don't know when this image is from but I remember I first saw it when I started my career as an Odoo developer almost five years ago. In my opinion, the way model inheritance works in Odoo is the most unique and extensible in the world of ORM frameworks.

The Odoo extension now fully understands all Odoo's model inheritance mechanisms.

  • Classical inheritance
  • Extension
  • Delegation
  • Fields incremental definition

This means we have better code completion and navigation for model attributes.

Model attribute completion